Funding Goals

Funding Goals


The OTF is dedicated to enhancing Turfgrass use and enjoyment. Since its inception in 2001, the OTF, and its precursor organization the OGCSA Foundation, has raised and donated over $350,000.

  • The OTF has helped ensure the continuation of the OSU Turfgrass Program by establishing the Turfgrass Professor Endowment.
  • The OTF has financially supported the Oregon State University Turfgrass Program by funding $50,000 annually to enhance research staffing.
  • The OTF has provided scholarships to promising OSU Turfgrass program graduate students.
  • The OTF has provided suggestions for research projects and provides sites for such research.
  • The OTF has interacted with the Turfgrass industry to generate, share and receive information.
  • The OTF is composed of turfgrass industry professionals and allied experts who seek to enhance turfgrass users’ experiences and turfgrass conditions.
  • The OTF has raised funds to improve the understanding of turfgrass needs, conditions and benefits.

OTF Goals

Short-Term Funding Goals:

  • To provide stable financial support for ongoing Turfgrass research and projects at Oregon State University.
  • To generate annual scholarship donations.
  • To provide annual funding support for a Turfgrass Research Technician at Oregon State University (specifically, $50,000/year).
  • Support Education, Outreach and Research.

Mid-Term Funding Goals:

  • To establish an endowment of $1 million that could provide stable, long-term resources for a Turfgrass Research Technician at Oregon State University.
  • To establish a chaired endowment of $2 million that would provide an additional permanent Turfgrass Professorship at Oregon State University.

Long-Term Funding Goals:

To create the preeminent Turfgrass research and teaching facility on the West Coast.


  • State of the art instructional facilities
  • Equipment testing facilities
  • Golf, sports turf, seed trial breeding, testing and landscape research.
  • Outreach and education programs for all related industry components.

Funding Goals

The Oregon Turfgrass Foundation is proud to announce our partnership goal of fundraising for the Oregon State University Turfgrass Program.

Our goals include:

  • The addition of a new Turfgrass Faculty member with a split appointment of teaching and research
  • Fulltime Research Assistant position
  • Construction of a new state-of-the-art 10-acre Turfgrass Teaching and Research Facility
  • Education:  Continued improvement of course material
    • Active student recruitment
    • Improve regional and national organizations
    • Publish peer-reviewed education journals
  • Outreach:  Host and teach turfgrass short course
    • Extension
    • On-site visits
    • Educational updates for extension agents
    • Educational presentations
  • Research: Improve visibility of the OSU Turfgrass Program
    • Secure funding for upkeep of the turfgrass/education facility
    • Conduct industry funded research evaluation trials
    • Publish peer-reviewed research journals

In the short term:

  • Supporting practical turfgrass research projects
  • Seeking to improve turfgrass maintenance and conditions
  • Expanding Student Scholarships

In the long term:

  • Helping to create a state-of-the-art turfgrass teaching and research facility at OSU
  • Providing ongoing and stable funding for the faculty at Oregon State for years to come

How will the goals be attained?
The Oregon Turfgrass Foundation will raise funds in a variety of ways to help achieve its goals.

Financial support will be developed by:

  • Encouraging individual donation
  • Holding annual golf tournaments
  • Working with allied groups including:
    • The Oregon Golf Course Superintendents Association
    • The Oregon Golf Association
    • The Oregon Professional Golfers Association
    • Club Managers Association
    • Oregon Landscape Contractors Association
    • Oregon Association of Nurseries
  • Seeking support from other foundations
  • Raising funds through an online tee-time auction
  • Soliciting donations from private and public golf courses

Why accomplish these goals?

Turfgrass professionals will learn more efficient and beneficial ways to grow and maintain turfgrass. They will have improved access to the most up-to-date technical information to answer their general and specific questions.
Research will lead to:

  • Reduced water usage
  • Smoother putting surfaces
  • Improved recovery of all playing surfaces
  • Controlled grass growth
  • Improved turfgrass varieties
  • Improved disease management techniques
  • Up-to-date IPM techniques

In all, the Oregon turfgrass industry will ultimately benefit from much improved playing surfaces on which to enjoy their outdoor activities.